Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Sleepovers and I haven't always had the best reputation. I had one as a child that scarred me for life, and since then I have limited the sleepovers me or my children have been exposed to. However after the last two sleepovers that I've been to, I may be changing my mind. 

First there was sweet L's bday. A hotel sleepover with 8, 2nd and 3rd grade girls. L's mom, my sweet friend Janelle invited me and Annie to join them for the night. I won't lie, I was slightly terrified, and sure I wouldn't get any sleep, but I was wrong! What a fun night we had, with what can only be called an awesome group of adorable girls! 
The next weekend it was Janelle's birthday, so off to the hotel we went again! I mean, what better way to celebrate a birthday that ends in a zero, than a sleepover with 7 awesome ladies?! I got less sleep at that one than I did with the kids the weekend before, but it was worth it! 

We had a ton of fun, including another intense app sharing session. It's what we do. :-)

Fun times!

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