Monday, July 30, 2012


Annie and Austin had the AWESOME opportunity to attend KampOut at our church! KampOut is a new day kamp adventure offered by Kanakuk, and it was the perfect kamp for them to go to this summer. They absolutely loved it. Annie proclaimed it the best thing of her entire summer! They had wonderful, caring counselors, they zip lined, rock climbed, did extreme water sliding, played games, and learned about Jesus love for them! Annie had expressed interest in accepting Christ before this week, but during this week she solidly decided to ask Jesus into her heart. Her counselor Annie (yes, how cool is that?!) was so sweet and precious and instrumental in truly helping Annie understand what being a Christian means. What a wonderful kamp experience this was!

First day!
Annie with her Tent!
Austin with his Tent!
Annie won the "Friendship Award"!
Austin won the "FUAGNEM" award! (Fired Up And Going Nuts Every Minute) Shocking, I know. :)
Annie singing onstage.
Annie receiving the Bumblebee award, given for overcoming a challenge!
Annie with Annie! LOVED her!


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