Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fancy Friday!

Annie came home a week ago, SO excited to tell me about "Fancy Friday". Her class had read Fancy Nancy books, and studied "Fancy" words, (big vocabulary words), and had earned themselves a Fancy party! With the party a week away, my sweet Annie wanted to plan her outfit RIGHT NOW. Yes, I'd say she was a tad excited. :-)

So last Thursday night we, painted her nails, rolled her hair in curlers, she reminded me, "Don't forget my jewelry mom!", and I tried to calm one very excited girl down so she could get some sleep. Friday morning she donned THE outfit...

Black dressy dress with ivory silk and lace flowers at the neck.
Black sequined trimmed leggings.
Tall shiny black boots.
A sparkly silver necklace.
Gold hoop earrings.
And because it was cold, a long ruffle trimmed sweater.

(unfortunately, none of my pics do justice to how awesome her outfit was!)

She looked beautiful! I had an ohmygoodnesssheisgrowinguptoofast moment, but I held it together.

She had a great party at school, that I got to attend as a helper. And do you see who also got to "help"? He almost looks like he could be a first grader!

Here are my fancy kids with a sweet school friend.

Annie's fancy word she picked to tell her class about was MANICURE. Grammie should be proud. :-) I think this might have been my all time favorite school party EVER. The kids looked adorable, and they were so excited. A simple, but super fun idea!

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