Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kansas City

Another family vacation has gone down in history. Was it a good one? Hmmm...I'm not sure. What is that saying, "History repeats itself"? Remember Disney?

This vacation was similar to Disney. Not as bad, but similar. Not as good, but similar. At this point I am frustrated at the state of things with Ellie, and once again we find ourselves seeking out more help, more answers. Again, very similar to where we were after Disney. This time though, we were already in the process of seeking more answers, so although I didn't quite expect as many meltdowns from her as we had, I also didn't expect this trip to be without it's hardships.

We visited Kansas City for a close to home, yet "big" vacation. We splurged on our hotel and stayed at The Great Wolfe Lodge, a water park/hotel.

The girls in their "cabin" part of the room, with their souvenir animals.

Very cool place, but also a very expensive place, and in case you're thinking about going there, be prepared to pay a lot of money for all of the "extra" fun things. (A bit of a frustration for J!) The water park was the best part of the hotel, and we did have a lot of fun there!

The girls "dunking" each other in the "colors" game!

Daddy and the kids! (And the first of many "tongue" pictures of Austin. Why?)

Underwater pictures!!! (And another one of Austin's tongue.)

Austin and buddies!

Me and Annie with funny faces! We had a blast together riding the water slides!

We ate at a lot of cool places, the T-Rex cafe and Fritz's railroad restaraunt again, and we also ate at the Orange County Choppers restaurant.

My personal favorite of the trip was our visit to Union Station. We loved Science City, the model train exhibit, watching the real trains go by, and the "Art of the Chopper" exhibit. What a cool place!

Ellie at the mini golf area in Science City, sporting her new "glasses" she bought for fun! So cute!

Jason teaching the A's how to play mini golf.

Annie playing golf!

The kids standing on the train overlook platform where you watch the real trains go by. Very cool!

Ellie standing in part of the Chopper exhibit. Also, very cool!

Austin was really excited that this race car was parked outside our hotel. : )

The last thing we did was visit the Kansas City Zoo. It was dreadfully hot, but we did enjoy a few things. We were amazed at the kangaroos that were just out in the open! Although we did keep warning Austin not to get any closer!

But the neatest thing at the Zoo was Nikita, the Polar Bear. Nikita was thoroughly enjoying her pool on this hot day, and she kept swimming laps, and doing back flips out of the water! She was Amazing!

So despite the hard parts, we did have some fun. Austin probably had the most fun on our trip, he really weathers the lack of sleep and crazy schedule of vacation the best of all of us. He also provides a lot of comic relief. : ) He and Annie both started really swimming a lot better on our trip too, which was awesome! I don't know when we'll be ready to do another trip again, but I know we will again someday, and no matter what happens, I really do love my family. : )

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Alana said...

LOVE the underwater pics and Ellie's glasses! It sure looks like a great time ;-)