Tuesday, December 7, 2010

SO much fun!

A few weeks ago we took our little family bowling.

To be completely honest, I was a little worried it might not be a good thing. I mean the thought of Ellie, aka: child who doesn't like loud noises, and Austin in a room of very heavy balls, were definitely some valid reasons to be concerned. However something in me really wanted to try this little venture, so I brushed off my concerns, convinced Jason everything would be ok, and decided to go for it.

We met some great friends at the bowling alley, ordered some pizza, and settled in. Things started off well, all the kids were having a blast hanging out and cheering each other on, and then...

Things got even better.

I gotcha there, didn't I?! You thought I was going to throw in a horrible/crazy/someone got injured twist, didn't you?

I could scarcely believe it myself, but the evening was just pretty perfect. I told Jason at the end of the night I think that was the most fun we've ever had as a family. Seriously!

And of course, I had my camera, so...

SO much fun! And we'll definitely be doing it again!

Oh and I thought the matching shirts added a nice touch too! Sometimes it's fun to be cheesy!

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