Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall Soccer Twenty-Ten!

Annie played soccer again this fall, in what was I'm sure, the warmest fall soccer season EVER. It was a great season, and she loved her team! They were the STARS, and they played great! Our Awesome friend Janelle even got the girls on the team special Star soccer socks! That's right, soccer can be fashionable too! Here are some of my favorite pics...


The Star action!

Playing hard!

The Huddle. Thanks Coach S, for another great season!

Four Awesome soccer friends! These four have been friends from the time they were born! (annie had her face painted like a cat, from her fall party at school, at our last game!)

And two Awesome soccer cousins! It was so fun to see our cousin play too!

We can't wait for next year!


Carissa said...

such cute little soccer stars!

MarytheKay said...

SOO cute!!! Oh my--I especially like the star socks! Adorable!