Thursday, September 16, 2010

It was a Facebooky Summer!

I did this post in April of some of my favorite facebook updates. I liked it so much that I am doing it again! Our Summer, through the eyes of facebook...

(Shelley)...thinks I may be losing my mind...I've agreed to go camping this weekend, and I am actually looking forward to it! I mean, we're talking tents and no running water kind of camping. Maybe my inner "outdoors girl" is coming out. HA!

...didn't quite expect to find a slug in Austin's pocket...

...We've been camping for two hours...Jason and I have had one argument, Annie's needed two bandaids, and Olivia actually had an ant in her pants. Fun times! really enjoying Summer!

...just conquered the biggest laundry pile I've ever had. I feel like I climbed Mount Everest, and I need to plant a flag on my couch! so proud of Annie for jumping off the diving board today, and Ellie for conquering the Big slide!

...For the third year in a row we went to pick fresh blueberries at Persimmon Hill Berry Farm. We are in love with this tradition! Our girls are great berry pickers! Austin...not so much. :) But he enjoyed running around and just being outdoors. What a great day!

...said something tonight I never thought I would say..."Austin! No using vegetables as weapons!". He was wielding two squash like swords. enjoying a day in the air conditioning! I don't think I could have made it as a pioneer woman.

...found a large frog in my rain boot yesterday. Compliments of my son. Good thing I turned it over to make sure nothing was in it!

...thinks Sonic happy hour is a must today!

...Overheard from Austin's room this morning... Lots of scolding of the stuffed animals, "Daddy said NO NO", "No hitting!", and "You go to time out!"...I think I know what kind of evening daddy and the kids had last night while I was gone.

...thinks it's a perfect day to join some friends at the lake!

...took the kids out for dinner and a the car! You gotta get creative when the power goes out on a hot night! Thankful that it's finally back on!

...No nap and an evening swim party equal a little boy asleep before his mama could finish reading to him. Love that!

...while the girls are at "Camp Grammie", Austin is at "Camp Potty Training." It's been, well...Interesting! That boy has a bladder of Steel!

...had a great day with the kids and family! Annie was all better just in time to hang out with some Texas cousins!

...took the kids to see Toy Story 3 tonight with some friends. It was our first attempt at having Austin at the movies since he was 18 months old, when he ran down the aisle and onto the stage by the screen. 2 years later...He was PERFECT! Whew!

...thinks I could just live in the pool. Ahhh... enjoying an "under-the-weather" Austin. Calm, cuddly, early napping, quiet...I want him to feel better...tomorrow. :)

...loves it when my oldest reads to my youngest.

...Why is it I can get two kids to behave and act nicely, but never all three? They take turns being the one that drives me nuts. I think it's a conspiracy. ready for my laundry fairy to arrive. wishing my hubby a very happy birthday! Now he's as old as I am! :) so thankful for friends who understand me, and this crazy stage of life that I'm in. :)

...Me: Sweet Annie, you are such a people pleaser. Ellie: I hate people pleasers. Wait, am I a people pleaser? Me: I don't think so dear.

...After a tough few days of power struggles with Ellie, we had a good heart to heart talk last night. At the end I said..."So if you'll just do what I tell you, then we'll get along much better, ok?" Her response was, "But that's so BORING!". Oh my.

...Overheard from the kitchen...Annie: Austin, Gods rules are kindness, compassion, and sharing. So share your chocolates!! enjoying the quiet while Austin naps and the girls shop online. Thank goodness they don't know how to use a credit card yet! there anything harder to clean up in this world than the stuff a diaper is made out of? If so, I don't want to know! enjoying the peace and quiet of nap/resting time and praying I can make it one more month until school starts.

...8 hours at the lake has left us all tired, but happy. Littlest one fell asleep on the way home...I love that! SUPER proud of Ellie for swimming her heart out at her very first swim meet today!

...We have reached the point of Summer when my children are fighting over everything. This morning it started with play doh scissors. I think we've had a little too much togetherness!

...Me: Austin, you're cute. Austin: NO, I'm not cute, I'm a BOY...Gwammie's cute!

...had a wonderful evening with friends tonight! Kids chasing fireflies by the lake, daddy's fishing, and mama's chatting! Perfection! A special THANK YOU to our sweet babysitter for keeping Austin home to play. Otherwise this mama would not have been able to chat! :)

...A 3 hour photo session with my kids = TORTURE! Laney, you are a saint! And I'm glad you're an "amateur" photographer, because I don't think I could pay anyone enough money to go through that!

...We had a fun day at White Water to celebrate Annie turning SIX years old!

...had fun tonight! Went to a Springfield Cardinals game where the girls danced with their studio, watched the Cardinals hit 3 home runs and win big, saw some great fireworks after the game, and surely lost 5 pounds from sweatin' like a pig! heading to the pool to soak up the last of Summer! laying down for awhile with a sweet sleeping Austin...we had a rough morning. Found out he's not hearing out of his left ear at all, and needs new tubes put in and adenoids taken out. :( This mama is sad.

...Austin cut his finger this morning and said through his tears..."I fink a chocolate will make it better." I have NO idea where he got that idea. :) ready to tackle this last day of Summer!!!

...Getting ready to host a family party for Annie, Austin, and Grammie's birthdays!! Then at approximately 10pm I shall be unresponsive for 12 hours...give or take. :)

...Austin started his second year at ECSE Preschool, Annie started Kindergarten, and Ellie started 3rd grade! going to miss my sweet cousin Lane living in my basement! Good luck in in Oklahoma sweetie!

Wow. After reading them all like that, I am suddenly very very tired! No wonder I was ready for school to start! :)


Josh and Lane Whitlock said...

My favorite one still is, and will always be, "So share your chocolates!"

hahahaha She takes after us both! Well, maybe I should say ALL the girls in the family?

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