Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring at Razor Ridge

Sunday afternoon we headed out to our little piece of land to enjoy some time together, outside, in the incredible sunshiny weather. We had a blast four-wheeling around, splashing in the creeks, and picnicking under the newly green trees.

Our day was going very nice, and then we heard a little "beep beep", and we were happily surprised to see our favorite Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins, pulling down the drive! And then our day was perfect! The kids had an absolute blast together! I couldn't have imagined a more perfect day for us to be out there.

Jason had fun taking the kids through the pond on his 4-wheeler. I for one, was a bit nervous the first time, it looked awfully deep! But they did great!

The kids hiked along the creek, one after the cute!

Before long we made our way down to the creeks again, and the kids discovered the utter joy of playing in the mud. I loved seeing these sweet princesses get all muddy!

Austin enjoyed some mud too...:)

Our cousins brought their fishing poles, and shared with us. Austin apparently REALLY likes fishing!

This land is so beautiful. The colors right now are incredible. The bright fresh green leaves on the oaks, the deep green cedars, the bluer than blue sky, and the fuchsia blooms of the redbuds. Incredible. God is quite the artist!

Before we headed home for the night, we decided to give our little piece of land a name, and take a picture to commemorate the occasion.

Welcome to Razor Ridge!


Janelle said...

Oh, I am IN LOVE with the name. I am so glad your 2 families have such a great retreat. I can tell by the smiles that it was well worth the investment!

I am also giggling that your 4 wheeler is filthy and Michelle's is clean and sparkly! Love it all!

Alana said...

I love the name, too! Olivia doesn't look too excited about being muddy, though! Love that last pic...awesome!!

Josh and Lane Whitlock said...

I know I told you this on the phone, but I came back to look at your site....I JUST LOOOOOOOOVE THE REDBUD PICTURE!!! Can you send it to me via email?