Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Little Hands, Big Voices!

Tuesday night was Annie's preschool program, Little Hands, Big Voices. Those sweet preschoolers stood up and sang like little angels! And no, of course I'm not biased! Ha! There's sweet Annie Grace with the yellow sweater and bow, sitting with her sweet class of friends!

They also showed off their marvelous artwork! Seriously, I think we have the most talented children here in our little town. Again, no bias. :) Here's a little sample of Annie's work...

I love seeing these sweet kids preform together. I love this sweet school. I just loved last night! Me and my sweet girl...(and that's Ellie and Nana in the background :)

And I love this great teacher! Mrs. B has taught both my girls, both years they went to preschool. She's been a wonderful influence on them, and me!

What a wonderful way to spend an evening!


Heather said...

It is so sweet to hear them sing, isn't it? Love those little voices and big smiles. Your girls are adorable - and I love the pic of you and Annie.

Alana said...

I love the pic of you and Annie, too. You look beautiful!! :-)

I miss the preschool days. Enjoy them while they last!