Friday, April 17, 2009

Austin's Antics, and his room.

Following up from my last post...

My boy, Austin. (deep breath)

I think I always take a deep breath after saying his name, because just his name evokes images in my brain of all that he is. Extremely energetic, two years old, full of mischief...the list goes on.

He is 2 1/2 now, and there are days I wonder if we'll make it to 3. Like the day he ate one of my multi vitamins, or the day I found him standing in the second to top drawer of his dresser.

His latest "antic" has been destroying his room every. single. morning. The destruction varies in intensity. Today it was mild to moderate, and I took some pictures for future evidence. :)

I've been wondering how he's been turning on his light this week. I thought I'd removed everything he could use as a step stool. (we'd been through this a couple of times already :) I know now!

This empty oil can sits on top of his workbench/changing table. And he's standing on it. Which means he had to climb onto the workbench to get it. Yeah.

This is how I found Austin this morning. He had removed his PJ's, and made a bit of a mess in his room. I'm just glad he left his diaper on, or well...let's just say it would have been really bad.

Did you notice his toolbox/dresser? This is where I found him standing in the second to the top drawer one day. Like I said the other day, one of the great things about having a toolbox for a dresser was that it came with a key to lock it. We can't find the key.

So, every. single. morning. I clean up his room, and then it looks like this...

He's a busy one, my boy! We found out several weeks ago that he had a lot of fluid in his ears, and therefore some moderate hearing loss. He had tubes put in two weeks ago, and then passed his hearing test with flying colors! His speech is quite a bit behind, but we're hoping that he'll start catching up soon. He may need some speech therapy, but we're waiting to see what he does on his own for a little while. He's already added a few new words though, and it's been very exciting to see him really hear things! I'm hoping that with better hearing, will come better understanding, and then better behavior. I love him so much, but it would be nice to not be constantly cleaning up after he barrels through a room!

He'll still be a 2 1/2 year old boy though. So you know there will be more antics!


Janelle said...

Life wouldn't be the same without Austin and his antics!

In the meantime, go caffinate yourself!

Darlene R. said...

He is so cute! As you know, I have two boys, so I have been through it!

This will pass...eventually ;)

Alana said...

Just love his room!

Remember William the Marauder? He got that nickname for a reason! It does get better!